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Things They Don’t Tell You About Working From Home


There are a lot of benefits to working at home and I appreciate that my employer has given me the opportunity. However, one thing that no one ever tells you about working from home and telecommuting is that if you don’t start your car every day, or at least several times a week, then the battery will die.

Trust me, I learned this lesson first hand.

Walking The Wrong Path

I am pretty good at my job. Not great yet but pretty good, and I am the type of person who at least tries to be great. I think that is part of why I have been feeling frustrated lately.

Another source of my frustration might be because I am in a production position again. My last job was another frustrating one and it was also a production job. Most of the jobs where I have been frustrated or unhappy have been jobs where I have to either produce or create. In my non-work life I have no problem with production or creation of podcasts, but that is stuff I do for fun.

Today I think I figured it out. I am by nature a troubleshooter. Figuring out how and where things go wrong is what I am built for. One of my former bosses said I was the best troubleshooter he had ever worked with.

I think I have isolated the problem; now I have to figure how to solve it.

Something That I Just Thought About

Since I was laid off last year, I have spent most of my days taking care of Stephen, getting Stephen from school or once I got my current job, dropping Stephen off at the babysitter while I went off to work. However, this fall Stephen will be going to school all day. I will be at work when he gets out. I don’t have to pick him up because he is going to catch the bus home with the babysitter’s kids and go with them until Patti gets off work.

It just occurred to me that I will have my mornings free. I think I will try and get into a local college and take some courses in something. I only wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up.

North Carolina Bound

Recently I have noticed that a few people on my life are leaving the Detroit area for North Carolina. Granted, these are people who are on the peripheral but they are still close enough to be noticed, daughters of friends who happen to also be friendly with me and (soon to be ex-) coworkers of Patti, but this is on the heels of people like my aunt who visits Charlotte several times a year for business.

This isn’t like the flood of people who went to Texas or Tennessee about 10 or 15 years ago, but most of the relocators are young and that’s never good for a dying area like Detroit.

Next thing you know, middle aged technologically oriented guys will be taking off for North Carolina. Then who will be left?

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What Not To Say

I was talking to Patti and I started a sentence with “Today I put in my two weeks notice…” What I meant to say was “Today I put in my two week notification that I want July 3rd off.”

I realized my mistake when all the blood rushed from her face.

Resignation Letters and Final Episodes

Ever since I joined the real work force (I had a sometime job at 13 and a part time all through high school and I don’t really count them), I always carried an undated, but signed resignation letter in my wallet. I can’t remember why I started, but it was always something very basic “To Whom It May Concern, effective immediately, I hereby terminate my employment with [personalized for the company]. Thank you, Derek Coward”

This wasn’t because I went into the situation thinking that it wasn’t going to work out or that the companies I worked for were somehow morally bankrupt and would ask me to do something that I would find reprehensible. I carried them just in case I ever needed to make a dramatic exit.

However, I only recently found out that you don’t get Unemployment if you quit a job. Needless to say, I won’t be carrying them anymore.

Instead, I have been working on final podcast episodes. I think I have the script written in my mind.


Me: Welcome to [Podcast Name Here]. I’m your host Derek Coward. [Podcast Name Here] can be found at [Podcast Website Here] and you can send feedback to [Podcast Email Here]. {long pause, maybe a deep sigh}

Eh, I’m done.


Not that I am thinking about quitting any time soon, but like I said I want to be ready in case I need to make a dramatic exit.