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Comment Section Trolling Done Right

Gawker has a story about a homeless man who used to be in a band with Carlos Santana and how the two were reunited.

Nice story, but this exchange in the comments made me laugh out loud.

“He stopped playing with Santana before Woodstock which would of been 1969. So for 44 years he hasn’t tried to find his “friend”? Then leaves him on the street after saying hello? I’ll chalk this up as another PR play for good ole Santana. ”

“Carlos Santana is Mexican and not Puerto Rican. Either way, your “PR play” is racist and revolting.”

The second comment was an obvious joke to anyone with a sense of humor. However, this is on the internet so a lot of people didn’t get the joke that was obvious to anyone with a sense of humor, which resulted in comments like “PR stands for “Public Relations”, not “Puerto Rican”, you idiot.” and several variations of that comment.

Now THAT’s how you troll a comment section.

UPDATE: I had to change my original post because I messed up and attributed something to the wrong commenter.