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A Decision Years In The Making!

Years and years ago, I was playing Final Fantasy VII on my Playstation. I got all the way to the run up to the final battle when I saved my game and went to sleep. It was late at night after a long day and I had to go to work in the morning. I went to work and spent most of the day thinking about finishing the game when I got home. Someone “broke into the house” and stole a bunch of stuff, mostly my roommate’s fancy clothes and, of course, my Playstation (with the last FFVII disc inside).

Fast forward over a decade later, Steam has Final Fantasy VII on sale for less than $5. Do I buy this game and spend a bunch of hours just to get back to where I was or do I just let it go, especially since I recently got Saints Row 3, all of the BioShock games, Far Cry 3, and a bunch of Skyrim mods?

I have about 12 hours to make up my mind about this sale and even if I pass on it, I can still get the game for about $12, but I am wondering if I really want to spend all of the time to get back to where I was. At this point in my life, how I spend my time is a lot more important than how I spend my money.

I found this video on YouTube that picks up right where I left off. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, just enough to verify that’s what I remember seeing before I cut the game off for the night.