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Outdated Recommendations

Podcast directories can be a good thing. Podcatcher programs can be a good thing. Working together, the combination of a podcatcher that connects to a podcast directory can be a great thing for the serious podcast listeners. You have the ability to find and listen to new podcasts immediately. When the podcatcher has a recommendation engine that takes a look at your current subscription list and finds similar podcasts that you aren’t subscribe to in the connected podcast directory, you have reached Podcast Nirvana.

Unfortunately, the weak point in the scenario is the podcast directory. Most directories want to be able to boast having the largest number of listings and therefore don’t do regular pruning. The only entity that I can recall going through a regularly scheduled pruning process was the late lamented Amigofish, which was more of a recommendation engine and not really a directory. (The last time I went to Amigofish, the website returned nothing but an error code and what seemed to be a dump of all of the Ruby on Rails settings.)

Recently, I was using my podcatcher of choice on my Kindle Fire to find new potential subscriptions. For some reason, I had never noticed the Recommended tab, but decided to give it a try. Three of the first ten were Book Review Noise (a show I stopped doing last year and doesn’t have a working feed), Noise Talk (a show which I haven’t updated since August 2010), and Mosai Noise (a show I put on hold in February 2011). Another one was Kryptographik, which I know for a fact had a dead feed and show hosts who have moves on to other realms of creative endeavor.

I can understand keeping old shows that still have working feeds because you never know when the show host will revive things, but keeping dead feeds is just a combination of laziness and padding your numbers. I hope that the recommendation engine will find a way to remove the dead links so that their recommendations actually mean something.

Noise I Never Made, Part Two

The second batch of notes were from the time just before Episode 100, where I was revisiting my original concept for Deliberate Noise. The original concept was scrapped due to a long running time. Episode 100 was almost three hours long. I didn’t mind doing something like that as a one-off, but doing a weekly show like that would have been relationship/familial bond suicide.

The ideas that I never used were:
Anime Noise (which would have taken a look at the first episode of Gatchaman and I would have discussed some of the differences between Gatchaman and Battle Of The Planets/G-Force)

Where Are They Now Noise (which would have taken a look at some of the pop culture figures from the past and gave an update of what they were doing now. If I recall correctly, it would have been a joke like “Clara Peller, the Where’s The Beef lady. She’s dead“)

Social Network Noise (the note next to it was “find the top social networks or new ones and keep track of what they are doing”. This one has possibilities, but not for me right now)

Ubuntu Noise (which would have been a look at the Ubuntu operating system and its community)
MMA Noise (which would have been a look at the next big MMA card that was coming out at that time, I cannot remember what it is now)

TV Noise (still haven’t done it yet even though it has its own forum)

Noise I Never Made, Part One

As I was going through some papers, I found two lists of show ideas. One was from the planning stages of my podcast. These notes predate the Deliberate Noise 0 show.

The ideas that I never used were:
TV Noise – I was going to talk about the pilots that were floating around the internet and I would have taken a look at the upcoming Fall TV season, but I just couldn’t summon up enough motivation to do it once I started Comic Book Noise. For a while I put some TV industry news in the news section of Movie Noise, but I eventually got rid of that segment and have never gone back to the idea of a TV podcast.

Video Game Noise – I wanted to do this with my younger brother, but he quit following the video game scene as hardcore as he once did around this time. He started dating more and sold most of his games and systems. He let his gaming magazine subscriptions lapse and didn’t sound like he was all that interested in doing it.

DVD Releases Noise – This was just going to be me going over what was coming out each week. It would have been similar to what Aaron Macom does with SciFiDig, only not as entertaining. This was one of the first ideas I dropped.

Music Noise – This would have been a sort of news show about what was going on in mainstream/Big Label music and not a show where I played mainstream/Big Label music. I was assembling the first show notes when I realized that I didn’t care about what was going on.

All of the other original ideas saw the light of day in one form or another. Comics Noise became Comic Book Noise, Movie Noise is still going on, Story Noise morphed into Mosai Noise, Tech Noise had one subpar episode that was released as Deliberate Noise: Tech Edition before being dropped forever

No Good Affiliate Marketing Podcasts?

I was listening to an episode of Good Clean Fun where Michael Butler was talking about attending the Affiliate Marketing Summit. He gave a brief synopsis of what he thought affiliate marketing was and unlike a lot of other people, he made it sound semi-interesting. I know that a lot of people think that the dual worlds of affiliate marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) are pretty interesting, but a lot of times the people who talk about it make it seem like they are trying to sell a used car filled with a miracle cure-all that can make it rain. Not everybody, but enough for me to keep away from that whole scene.

He piqued my interest enough to make me do a search in iTunes for ‘affiliate marketing’ to see what kind of podcasts were out there.  While I know that the iTunes Store is not the best place when it comes to wanting to find anything but the most mainstream media type of podcast, it just seems to me that a lot of those marketing types would want to attach themselves to the current 800 pound gorilla.

It therefore came as a bit of a surprise to me that out of the first ten podcasts that I took a look at, I only found ONE affiliate marketing podcast that had an episode released in 2009, three had a last release date in 2008 (including one from “the greatest affiliate marketer on the planet!”), two in 2007 (and one of these was a teaser clip for a weekly podcast that still has not materialized), two in 2006, one in 2005 and one that was completely blank, which makes me wonder why it was even in the system at all.

Unfortunately for me, the one affiliate marketing podcast that I found and is still active is an interview podcast.  As a general rule I don’t listen to interview podcasts. If the interviewer is someone I would otherwise listen to (like Dave Slusher, Michael Butler or some of my comic book podcasting friends) or if the interviewee is worked into a real conversation (like the interviews on Keith and The Girl), then I will happily make an exception.

In the case of affiliate marketing/SEO, it seems to me that the main reason to talk anyone about those subjects is because they are an expert of some sort. In that case, I would rather hear that expert on their own podcast (or whatever form of new media they gravitate towards) than to hear them talk to someone else about the subject. Since most interview podcasts exist to have a new guest on every episode, I find that I usually do not make a connection with the host.  Without that connection, listening to a bunch of random people talking about a subject I know nothing about doesn’t sound very appealing to me.

If anyone knows about an affiliate marketing podcast* that is pretty good, please leave a comment.

* If you know any good ones for SEO, let me know as well. I didn’t look for one so I don’t know if I would find a similar situation to the affiliate marketing ones.

Resignation Letters and Final Episodes

Ever since I joined the real work force (I had a sometime job at 13 and a part time all through high school and I don’t really count them), I always carried an undated, but signed resignation letter in my wallet. I can’t remember why I started, but it was always something very basic “To Whom It May Concern, effective immediately, I hereby terminate my employment with [personalized for the company]. Thank you, Derek Coward”

This wasn’t because I went into the situation thinking that it wasn’t going to work out or that the companies I worked for were somehow morally bankrupt and would ask me to do something that I would find reprehensible. I carried them just in case I ever needed to make a dramatic exit.

However, I only recently found out that you don’t get Unemployment if you quit a job. Needless to say, I won’t be carrying them anymore.

Instead, I have been working on final podcast episodes. I think I have the script written in my mind.


Me: Welcome to [Podcast Name Here]. I’m your host Derek Coward. [Podcast Name Here] can be found at [Podcast Website Here] and you can send feedback to [Podcast Email Here]. {long pause, maybe a deep sigh}

Eh, I’m done.


Not that I am thinking about quitting any time soon, but like I said I want to be ready in case I need to make a dramatic exit.

Two observations

1) I think that I have been cast as the Morton Downey Jr of comic book podcasting. I have more people sending me emails that they love the rants that I do than ones telling me that they like or dislike my opinions. I’m not sure how I feel about my opinions, likes and dislikes being distilled into schtick.

2) I want some grits, but I hate making them for some reason.

Something a little depressing

I just realized that my termination day with the company I used to work for is August 15, 2008. That is also the 3 year anniversary of Deliberate Noise. At first I could feel the cold tendrils of depression trying to take hold of my mind, but I realized that when I posted the first episode of Deliberate Noise, my life changed for the better. I have met a lot of new people, a bunch that I consider friends. I have done a bunch of things that I never would have even dreamed of doing even a few months earlier, including but not limited to talking into a microphone for hours a week and putting my image on a T-shirt.

Once that started to sink into my head, I realized that there is no reason why August 15 couldn’t be another new beginning for me.

August 15 – Deliberate Noise’s birthday
August 16 – My father’s birthday (RIP Dad)
August 17 – Stephen’s birthday

A day of new beginning, a day of quiet reflection (not mourning) and a day of celebration. All in a row.

I started this post a little apprehensive, but now I’m starting to get a little excited.

The blog is renamed

I didn’t put a lot of thought into the naming of this blog simply because I didn’t plan on using it very much. Lately I have been using it a lot more than I had thought I would, so I decided to worry about naming it.

Since like my various podcasts, this is just me making up stuff off the top of my head, I decided to call it ‘Derek Coward’s Noise’.

Why? Why not?