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Extreme Phone Politeness Pays Off

When I was a teenager, I lived with my grandmother for a few years. One of the many things she stressed was good phone etiquette. To this day, my siblings and I have extraordinary good phone speaking voices. My mother and her siblings also have great phone manners, so this is something that goes back a long way.

When I call Patti at work, her coworkers always know it’s me simply because of how I talk when they answer the phone. For example, if they say “Hello, [company where she works], how can I help you?”, I will reply with “Hello, may I please speak to Patti?” and they say “Sure, Derek, hold on a second.”

On those occasions when they will give their name, I say “Hello [name of coworker], my name is Derek, may I please speak to Patti?”

It’s just something that has happened in the ten years she has been working there.

Today, the phone must have been busy because someone answered “Hello [company where she works], can you hold please?” I responded with “Yes, ma’am.” After the briefest of pauses, the young lady on the other end of the line said “You probably want to speak to Patti, don’t you?” I smiled and said “Yes, please.”

It pays to be polite and professional sounding on the phone.

Vintage Rotary Dial Phone
This is like the rotary phone my grandmother used to have. Only it was on an opposite wall.