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Shuffling The iPod

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I keep seeing these memes on Facebook about starting the iPod on shuffle mode and writing down the first n number of songs. I see five songs or 25 songs. I’m not doing either. Five is too short and 25 is too uninteresting. So I will stop at 10.

1. Tsunami Bomb – No One’s Looking

2. Paul Westerberg – Mannequin Shop

3. Paul Westerberg – As Far As I Know

4. PWInsiderElite.com’s The Post-Raw Show for 08/03/09

5. Paul Westerberg – It’s A Wonderful Lie

6. Paul Westerberg – We May Be The Ones

7. Paul Westerberg – Tears Rolling Up Our Sleeves

8. Tsunami Bomb – Roundabout [Unreleased]

9.  Paul Westerberg – Bookmark

10.  Paul Westerberg – Strike Up The Band

After looking at this list, I have to say “I didn’t realize I had so much Tsunami Bomb on my iPod.” Serious though, I have five Paul Westerberg solo albums (including 49:00)  and a few other non Westerberg songs on my iPod. I mainly use it to listen to podcasts and to watch videos.

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