A Soul-Crushing Experience

I absolutely HATED the job that I had before this one. It was a soul-crushing experience and I felt the ever encroaching presence of death stalking my every step while I was there. I had been laid off twice before going to work there and the long drives home were two of the worst moments of my life, but they felt like a bright sunny day at the park compared to getting in my car and going into that place every day. It was a horrible time.

I liked some of the people there, but I hated the building, the work, the working conditions, the bathroom (which looked like something out of the Saw movies), a lot of my non-direct co-workers, the product we were making, the customers, I even hated the electricity in the place (You have got to really hate a place to hate the electricity) and I am pretty sure I am missing something.

Morrissey once sang “I was looking for a job and then I found a job and heaven knows I’m miserable now.” That went through my head every day.