A Soul-Crushing Experience

I absolutely HATED the job that I had before this one. It was a soul-crushing experience and I felt the ever encroaching presence of death stalking my every step while I was there. I had been laid off twice before going to work there and the long drives home were two of the worst moments of my life, but they felt like a bright sunny day at the park compared to getting in my car and going into that place every day. It was a horrible time.

I liked some of the people there, but I hated the building, the work, the working conditions, the bathroom (which looked like something out of the Saw movies), a lot of my non-direct co-workers, the product we were making, the customers, I even hated the electricity in the place (You have got to really hate a place to hate the electricity) and I am pretty sure I am missing something.

Morrissey once sang “I was looking for a job and then I found a job and heaven knows I’m miserable now.” That went through my head every day.

Social Media Has Messed With This Blog

I used to post to this blog a lot more than I have lately. It has never been a regular habit of mine but I at least tried to get to it. My personal policy has been to have more control and take charge of my stuff. I don’t like putting myself in the hands of others. If a site like Facebook or Twitter goes away, so could a lot of what I have done on the Internet. (Don’t think it cannot happen. MySpace was the biggest thing going at one point and now it is a punchline for jokes about online irrelevance.)

Luckily, I have never been one of those podcasters who uploaded all of their output to someone else’s website and have been able to avoid the problem of some other company shutting down overnight, leaving me to scramble to find those kind souls who have saved everyone of my episodes that they downloaded. I have even stayed up late at night worrying about dying in my sleep and the other podcasters in the Deliberate Noise Network being unable to get their stuff. (Even though he hates it when I bring it up, David A. Price has all of the credentials to access the hosting account and can help everyone with the transition.)

I had a guideline that if I had something short and pithy to say, I would use Twitter. If it was more than 140 characters but less than a paragraph, then I would post it on Facebook. Anything larger than that would go on the appropriate website (TV stuff on TV Noise, science fiction stuff on Sci Fi Noise, and so on.) Anything too large but without a certain category would go here.

Then I got lazy and everything was going on Facebook, regardless of length or topic. Every now and then, I would remember to put a one liner on Twitter, and a couple of times I would put a long comic book post on Comic Book Noise, but that was it. Meanwhile,this site just languished.

Recently, I have been seeing Facebook and Twitter less like places where I wanted to interact with people in my life and more like places where I wanted to be entertained by them. The problem is that there are times when entertainment wasn’t enough and I wanted to say things, but didn’t have the opportunity to sit down and record a podcast. I was feeling really frustrated when I remembered that I have a blog just sitting here not being used and I have the WordPress app on just about every mobile device I own.

This is a pretty long way of saying that I plan on using my sites a lot more and the social media sites a lot less when it comes to expression and interaction. I will still use them when it comes to marketing the podcasts and entertainment. I still want to get the word out about the podcasts and I happen to know a lot of entertaining people.