My thoughts on “Radical Obama”

I read in a thread on right wing Facebook page that President Obama is a socialist with ill intent towards the United States of America. This isn’t a direct quote because for some reason, right wingers call it “the country” or “our country”, instead of being proud of being from the United States of America.

One of the people in the thread kept saying that Obama’s brand of liberalism doesn’t work. I agree with them. That’s because Obama’s brand of liberalism is actually moderate conservatism. If he was really the firebrand liberal that a lot of people try to paint him as he would have come in with a strong progressive agenda and negotiated down to a soft liberal one. The reason he didn’t do so is because I believe he was afraid it might have worked.

So instead of drastic change, we get mild refinement. Of course the right wing entertainment complex makes more money off of the image of the “angry black radical leftist Obama” than they would if people realized that he is willing to give the right most of what they want.