Google Music Finished

After about a week and a half (maybe even two weeks, I’m not really sure), Google Music has finally finished importing my iTunes collection.  According to Music Manager, 5,649 songs were added and 25,540 songs were skipped. According to the Music Player on the website, 8647 songs were added.

I wish I could have had the option to not import my podcasts, but I’m not sure if that was even possible. Google also gave about 200 ‘free’ songs, but I am almost positive those can’t be downloaded.

I’m not sure why the skipped songs weren’t imported because I don’t have any OGG, FLAC or APE songs in my iTunes database (and a part of me could understand why those weren’t brought in) but a couple of WAV files were brought in. It sort of pissed me off because I spent years converting my CD and LP collection to MP3s only to have them not accepted by Google Music.

Oh well, it is a sixth option behind listening to music on my Android, my iPod touch, my iPod Nano, Pandora and YouTube.

Are you using Google Music? And if so, what do you think?

WTF Video

Have you ever seen something that made you go “WTF?” I had that exact feeling when I saw this video of a political ad from California:

This thing is so over the top offensive that I find it difficult to believe that it is serious.