My Top Five Favorite Sonic Youth Songs

1. Kool Thing – I have always liked this song because of the connection to the rap world (Chuck D’s vocals and the fact the song was originally written about LL Cool J), but it’s appearance in Hal Hartley’s ‘Simple Men’ put it over the top for me.

2. 100 Percent – I’ve never been sure if the lyrics are about a serial rapist/murderer, but I like the cadence of the words along with the music.

3. My Friend Goo – This song has the tendancy to get stuck in me head for days.

4. Moist Vagina – I like Moist Vagina, what else is there to say?

5. Bull In The Heather – This song made me go out and buy Experimental Jet Set Trash And No Star after hearing it once.

Lesson Learned

OK, I admit it. I cannot run Filezilla, GIMP 2, iTunes, GOM Player, Chrome (with two tabs open), Firefox (with five tabs open), Task Manager and Notepad++ all at the same time and still expect for my laptop to not move slower than a kid going to clean his room. I’ll close some things.

Random Picture of Chaat



I think this looks really good, even though I am allergic to peas. If I could eat things like this (even though they contain tomato, bean, peas and corn), I would consider eating more vegetarian meals.

I wonder if there are any vegetarian/vegan restaurants near me.