A Change In How I Will Do Things

If I have something to say that will take 140 characters or less, then I will use Twitter to say it. If I have something to say to a particular person (or persons) on Twitter, then I will use Twitter to say it to them. This second rule also applies to Friendfeed, Facebook or anything else I happen to be on.

However, if I have something to say and it doesn’t fall into any of the parameters of the first paragraph, then I will use my blog to say it. Twitter is a microblogging service and for a lot of people (including me), it has taken the place of actual blogging. I plan on changing my online behavior to the added benefit of my sites. I know I am not the first person to have this epiphany but we all get to where we end up at our own pace.

Not all of my new blog posts will be treatises or manifestos, some times they will just be what I am thinking about. Since this is what I am doing on Twitter as it is, I might as well expand my explanations and make them a little more understandable to others.

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Just an Observation

If anyone says they like either Amy Winehouse or Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings, but not the other obviously hasn’t listened to the other one. Or they just holding Amy’s tabloid coverage and personal problems against her.

Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game:

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Inspiration Information:

One Of The Best TV Scenes Ever

I am currently reading ‘Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets’ by David Simon, which was the book that was the basis for the TV show ‘Homicide: Life On The Streets’. I started reading it back in the early 90s but I was moving around a lot and lost it (along with Tom Wolfe’s ‘A Man in Full‘). I recently bought it again and decided to get through it before I lose it again.

I am currently at the part where they are trying to find out if the Fish Man killed Latonya Wallace, which was changed to whether The Araber killed Adena Watson. On TV, this was a great storyline.  In real life, it is heartbreaking.

My favorite episode of H:LOTS is ‘Three Men and Adena’. It was an episode long interrogation with Bayliss and Pembleton trying to get a confession from The Araber. The three actors should have all gotten Emmys, Oscars, Tonys and whatever other awards there were.

This scene is ten minutes long, but it doesn’t feel like it. It is still haunting after all these years.

I have already decided that when I am done with Homicide: A Year On The Killing Streets, I am reading David Simon’s The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood which he made into a miniseries for HBO called ‘The Corner‘, which was another great piece of television.

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Since It Has Been A Year

My favorite BBQ joint has gone out of business and their building has been taken over by a Coney Island restaurant.  It has been over a year now. I guess it is past time that I take their number out of my cell phone and get them off of speed dial.

2010 Big Apple Barbecue Block Party: 17th Street Bar & Grill - Baby Back Ribs & Beans
This isn't from them, but this looks good doesn't it?

Conversations With Stephen

A glass of chocolate milk.

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Stephen: Daddy, when you make my lunch can you make sure you put in a juice box or two?

Me: I forgot? Sorry, buddy. What did you drink?

Stephen: Nothing.

Me: Nothing? All day?

Stephen: No. I had some chocolate milk that I don’t like.

Me: You don’t like chocolate milk?

Stephen: No. I don’t like THIS chocolate milk?

Me: What’s wrong with it? Does it have a bad after-taste?

Stephen: No, it has a bad before-taste.

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I Rights My Own Content

This morning, I found an email in one of my inboxes with the following offer:

“We do provide a unique article on your topics suggested relevant on your interest at no cost.
No duplication or copying of the article is done. we right contents exclusively for your site on demand. We also give Copy rights for articles to your site on security base. ”

There was more but this was the most relevant part. There was a side of me which wanted to correct their email and return it to them, but  instead I decided to “right” my own content. It may be a little rambly, but I know for a fact that it is mine and I don’t have to worry about the same type of poorly written article being on any other website.

BTW: The price for the magnanimity in the email was two text links to their site. For some reason that frightens me almost as much as having their authors write for my site.

Stuck In My Head – 9/2/10

I have a small stack of CDs on the night table next to my bed. I haven’t heard any of them in a while, but for some reason this morning, I looked over, saw the soundtrack to Romeo+Juliet and immediately got this song stuck in my head.


This video is from the album version of the song and not from the soundtrack. I think the difference is the R+J version has clips from the movie. I’m not sure because I have never seen either of them before today.

Also, in the YouTube comments (yes, I know I should avoid them like ball hungry Great Danes) someone mentioned “OMG justin bieber ruined this song!” I take the statement to mean he made a cover of the song. If that is the case, I don’t know what the big deal is. This isn’t 199-something, there are as many options to avoid hearing a song as there are to hear one. It’s not like back in the day when you had to listen to radio in order to hear new music. Subscribe to some cool music blogs and podcasts and avoid the FCC-neutered radio industry.

And now that my “You kids have it easy, why back in my time…” moment is over, everyone listen to the video and have a good day.