Happy Town?

I’m on the fence about the new ABC show ‘Happy Town’. It appears to be a murder mystery, not a crime of the week cop show like Castle or The Mentalist. The producers wanted to make a truly scary TV show because they think nothing like that has been done so far. However, when someone says “Scary murder mystery TV show”, I think of the CBS show ‘Harper’s Island’. I can only hope that ‘Happy Town’ can come close to that show.

The biggest thing that puts me on the fence is the theme music. I know it may sound a little petty, but the music sounds a lot like the theme music for ‘Eastwyck’, a show that was unfortunately overlooked by a lot of people. I’m pretty sure they want to be ironic with the music, but if ‘Happy Town’ wants to be truly scary, then the lighthearted music needs to go away. As evidenced by the rampant misuse of the word, people don’t really like irony.

As I was typing this, I thought of another truly scary TV show, it was a Fox show called ‘Point Pleasant’ and dealt with a mysterious girl who came to a beachside town.

Anyway, here is a glimpse of the first fifteen minutes of ‘Happy Town’ from the ABC website:

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