My Biggest Fan

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I think it is easy to say that one of my biggest fans is my son Stephen. I am learning how to use my new (to me) Wacom Bamboo and it is going slow. I am not a very good drawer under the best of circumstances and learning to draw on something other than paper has taken my “skills” and marginalized them even more.

However, every time I start drawing a picture, Stephen comes over to me and tells me that it is awesome and he wishes how he could draw like me. I am really honored that he likes it but more often than not, I restart GIMP and mutter “Sorry son, but it sucks.” Each and every time.

I need to remember that he watches everything I do because I notice that he has been throwing away unfinished drawings because he is totally dissatisfied with how they look. I wonder how much of that is because he is trying to improve and how much of that is because he is imitating me.

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