My Biggest Fan

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I think it is easy to say that one of my biggest fans is my son Stephen. I am learning how to use my new (to me) Wacom Bamboo and it is going slow. I am not a very good drawer under the best of circumstances and learning to draw on something other than paper has taken my “skills” and marginalized them even more.

However, every time I start drawing a picture, Stephen comes over to me and tells me that it is awesome and he wishes how he could draw like me. I am really honored that he likes it but more often than not, I restart GIMP and mutter “Sorry son, but it sucks.” Each and every time.

I need to remember that he watches everything I do because I notice that he has been throwing away unfinished drawings because he is totally dissatisfied with how they look. I wonder how much of that is because he is trying to improve and how much of that is because he is imitating me.

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My Plans For Black Friday

I could get up early stand in a line with a bunch of strangers who will turn openly hostile the second the doors open so that we can all fight over things that we don’t really need but are 40 to 60 percent off of the regular price.


I can stay at home in my nice warm bed and sleep.

Guess which one I am going to do?

I Swear I’m Going To Do This One Day

If I ever have a phone conversation that includes the phrase “I’m calling about a personal matter.” I’m answering with “Oh, I’m sorry, this phone is only for business matters. You’ll have to call a different line.”

And if they ask for the personal number, I will tell them “I’m sorry, I can’t give out personal information on the business line.”

And so on and so forth.

Yes, I want to be an asshole when I grow up.