One Whole Week

It has been an entire week since my six year old son last wet the bed. We told him that if he could go seven straight days without wetting the bed, we would get him a surprise. This morning was day seven of seven. Before the seven days, there were a few days where we had to reset the clock, but not anymore.

I’m not a big believer of bribing children for acceptable behavior, but this is different. There are really only three options that I could see: 1) bribery, which is the path we took; 2) punishment, which is pretty futile in a case like bedwetting because I think it will only compound the “problem” which is pretty routine for six year old boys and 3) resigning myself to doing a lot of laundry, which had gotten old really quick.

Yesterday, we told him that if he was able to go seven days, he couldn’t just start peeing in the bed again on Day Eight. I pointed out that he has proven to us that he was able to either hold it or get up and go to the bathroom, so there is no reason to start bedwetting again. We also pointed out how proud of him we were.

We have no idea what kind of surprise to get for him, but he knows it won’t be something extravagant, but instead it will be something special for him because he earned it.

Some of my friends without children might not see what a huge accomplishment this is (but really isn’t not cleaning up urine soaked bedclothes a good thing?), but trust me, this is huge. I have been through a lot with my kids: first steps, first periods, first dates and first children and I rank this up there with the best of times.

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My Top 10 Most Played Songs


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According to iTunes, here are the top ten songs that I have played since I reinstalled the program:

1) 49:00 by Paul Westerberg

2) As Far As I Know by Paul Westerberg

3) Baby Learns To Crawl by Paul Westerberg

4) World Class Fad by Paul Westerberg

5) AAA by Grandpa Boy

6) Silent Film Star by Grandpa Boy

7) 2 Days ‘Til Tomorrow by Grandpa Boy

8 ) Footsteps by Grandpa Boy

9) Between Love and Like by Grandpa Boy

10) No Place For You by Paul Westerberg

And for those of you who might not know, Grandpa Boy is Paul Westerberg’s band.


According to, my top ten are

1) Paul Westerberg – 49:00

2) Paul Westerberg – Baby Learns To Crawl

2) Concrete Blonde – …Long Time Ago

4) Brian IbbottCoverville 485:Reggaeville

5) Paul Westerberg – Mr. Rabbit

5) Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized

7) Paul Westerberg – World Class Fad

7) Grandpa Boy – AAA

7) Tom WaitsWay Down In The Hole

7) Paul Westerberg – As Far As I Know

I think it is interesting that with the exception of the Westerberg/Grandpa Boy stuff and the Coverville episode (Brian played a version of Everything I Want that Stephen loves, hence the repeated playings), all of the other songs are from TV/movies. The Concrete Blonde song was played over the credits of the final episode of The Shield, Institutionalized was from the immortal Repo Man soundtrack and Down In The Hole is the theme song from The Wire.

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An Actual Conversation

Double Fantasy album cover

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Me: What was the first album you ever bought?

Her: Escape by Journey.

Me: Mine was Double Fantasy.

Her: What’s that?

Me: Double Fantasy.

Her: Is that the name of the band?

Me: No. Double Fantasy. (long pause) By John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Her: Never heard of it.

Me: Are you fucking with me?

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An Actual Text Exchange

Them: Is your mortgage payment too expensive? Our Loan Modification program can lower your payments immediately. May we please give you a call?

Me: Are you fucking kidding me you piece of shit spammer? You and your kind have destroyed this great nation and now you want to rape it remains? You are horrible.

NOTE: My brother used my phone, saw this and shook his head laughing. I guess it is because I forgot the ‘s’ at the end of the word ‘its’. I’ll do better next time.