Walking The Wrong Path

I am pretty good at my job. Not great yet but pretty good, and I am the type of person who at least tries to be great. I think that is part of why I have been feeling frustrated lately.

Another source of my frustration might be because I am in a production position again. My last job was another frustrating one and it was also a production job. Most of the jobs where I have been frustrated or unhappy have been jobs where I have to either produce or create. In my non-work life I have no problem with production or creation of podcasts, but that is stuff I do for fun.

Today I think I figured it out. I am by nature a troubleshooter. Figuring out how and where things go wrong is what I am built for. One of my former bosses said I was the best troubleshooter he had ever worked with.

I think I have isolated the problem; now I have to figure how to solve it.