Wrestling With Bouts of Creativity

For some reason, I have these periods in my life where I am just excessively creative and overflowing with ideas. When these times come, I try to ride that train as long as I can because I know it won’t last forever. The only drawback is that I don’t realize I am in a creative period until I am deep into it. One day, I just look up from whatever it is I am doing and I say to myself “Hey, I’m doing stuff.”

I’m not exactly sure when this current one started but it is here in a big way. It was sneaky but it is definitely here.

I have had this idea for a comic book in my head for the past few months. Not something that has been occupying my every thought, but it has been in my head, just sitting there waiting to be born. This past Monday, I decided to breakdown the stories (16 pages for the main story and 8 for the backup) and by Wednesday, I had a completed script.

As soon as I was done with it, I was thinking about a new podcast. Several actually, but only one seems doable at this time. The others have notes taken for my next period. Um, you know what I mean.

A lot of the things that I do will never see the light of day (I have several old notebooks filled with chapters from the original Mosai City stories to prove it.) and some might be probably shouldn’t (Tech Noise is a perfect example), but hopefully some of them will and people will like them. And if not, oh well, at least I am happy with it.