Maybe It’s Just Me

I have a friend with an ex in prison, three children between the ages of 14 and 10 (I’m never quite sure the exact ages), a history of very dubious choices and a very sweet (but extremely malleable) personality. This friend and her children used to stop by the house five or six days out of the week. I saw them more than my daughters who live with their mother or my own siblings and their families.

Then all of a sudden they stopped coming around. And I mean sudden. One week we saw them six straight days, then we saw them once in two weeks. Weird, but expected once she received her income tax return.

What wasn’t expected was that she started dating someone whose sole attribute was described as “he’s wearing an ankle bracelet and she doesn’t even know what he was in for.”

Granted I don’t know what most women look for in a man, but I would think that ‘Has an electronic tether on his ankle’ would NOT rank very high on the list of desired attributes.

I could be wrong, but I get the feeling that I know how this story is going to end.