I Love Money 2

My 13 year old niece is visiting as I write this blog post and she is watching TV in the living room. As I was walking back from the kitchen, I glanced at what she is watching. It looked like some sort of game show with women in bikinis jumping into a pool of mud for some reason. I shook my head and kept going.

I shouted back down the hall and asked her what she was watching. Apparently it is a show called ‘I Love Money 2’ and airs on VH1.

Here is a clip of the show:

Am I the only one who remembers when VH1 was the mature music television channel, unlike MTV, who only showed hair metal and hip hop videos?

Was this rude?

Telemarketer: Hello Derek, I’m calling from All-State Insurance and we have discounts in your area…

Derek: Hold on, is this about the job application I put in with you guys?

Telemarketer: Um, no…

Derek: I have nothing to say to you then. Goodbye.