Noise I Never Made, Part Two

The second batch of notes were from the time just before Episode 100, where I was revisiting my original concept for Deliberate Noise. The original concept was scrapped due to a long running time. Episode 100 was almost three hours long. I didn’t mind doing something like that as a one-off, but doing a weekly show like that would have been relationship/familial bond suicide.

The ideas that I never used were:
Anime Noise (which would have taken a look at the first episode of Gatchaman and I would have discussed some of the differences between Gatchaman and Battle Of The Planets/G-Force)

Where Are They Now Noise (which would have taken a look at some of the pop culture figures from the past and gave an update of what they were doing now. If I recall correctly, it would have been a joke like “Clara Peller, the Where’s The Beef lady. She’s dead“)

Social Network Noise (the note next to it was “find the top social networks or new ones and keep track of what they are doing”. This one has possibilities, but not for me right now)

Ubuntu Noise (which would have been a look at the Ubuntu operating system and its community)
MMA Noise (which would have been a look at the next big MMA card that was coming out at that time, I cannot remember what it is now)

TV Noise (still haven’t done it yet even though it has its own forum)