Noise I Never Made, Part One

As I was going through some papers, I found two lists of show ideas. One was from the planning stages of my podcast. These notes predate the Deliberate Noise 0 show.

The ideas that I never used were:
TV Noise – I was going to talk about the pilots that were floating around the internet and I would have taken a look at the upcoming Fall TV season, but I just couldn’t summon up enough motivation to do it once I started Comic Book Noise. For a while I put some TV industry news in the news section of Movie Noise, but I eventually got rid of that segment and have never gone back to the idea of a TV podcast.

Video Game Noise – I wanted to do this with my younger brother, but he quit following the video game scene as hardcore as he once did around this time. He started dating more and sold most of his games and systems. He let his gaming magazine subscriptions lapse and didn’t sound like he was all that interested in doing it.

DVD Releases Noise – This was just going to be me going over what was coming out each week. It would have been similar to what Aaron Macom does with SciFiDig, only not as entertaining. This was one of the first ideas I dropped.

Music Noise – This would have been a sort of news show about what was going on in mainstream/Big Label music and not a show where I played mainstream/Big Label music. I was assembling the first show notes when I realized that I didn’t care about what was going on.

All of the other original ideas saw the light of day in one form or another. Comics Noise became Comic Book Noise, Movie Noise is still going on, Story Noise morphed into Mosai Noise, Tech Noise had one subpar episode that was released as Deliberate Noise: Tech Edition before being dropped forever