Resignation Letters and Final Episodes

Ever since I joined the real work force (I had a sometime job at 13 and a part time all through high school and I don’t really count them), I always carried an undated, but signed resignation letter in my wallet. I can’t remember why I started, but it was always something very basic “To Whom It May Concern, effective immediately, I hereby terminate my employment with [personalized for the company]. Thank you, Derek Coward”

This wasn’t because I went into the situation thinking that it wasn’t going to work out or that the companies I worked for were somehow morally bankrupt and would ask me to do something that I would find reprehensible. I carried them just in case I ever needed to make a dramatic exit.

However, I only recently found out that you don’t get Unemployment if you quit a job. Needless to say, I won’t be carrying them anymore.

Instead, I have been working on final podcast episodes. I think I have the script written in my mind.


Me: Welcome to [Podcast Name Here]. I’m your host Derek Coward. [Podcast Name Here] can be found at [Podcast Website Here] and you can send feedback to [Podcast Email Here]. {long pause, maybe a deep sigh}

Eh, I’m done.


Not that I am thinking about quitting any time soon, but like I said I want to be ready in case I need to make a dramatic exit.