Two Things 7/27

I am heading out for the day but I have two things I wanted to share.

1) My cassette adapter is still broken, so I have a bunch of old tapes with me: Expose-What You Don’t Know, Whodini-Escape and The Best of Charlie Parker Vol 2.

2) I saw Dark Passage today for the first time in years, I would have ended it differently. The scene after Bogart gets on the bus would have cut to Peru at some undetermined time in the future. Bacall would have been sitting there ordering a drink “I’m expecting someone, please let me know when he arrives.” The waiter would have agreed and a nearby employee would have said “Should I set another place at that table?” Waiter shakes his head slowly “No. She says that everyday.” Fade to credits. We never know if Bogey makes it or not.