My Jack Skellington is just a head

A long time ago, I got a keychain.  It was Jack Skellington, but dressed up like a pirate.  I’m pretty sure it was James and The Giant Peach and not Nightmare Before Christmas, but I have never been able to stay awake through James, so I’m not sure.  Anyway, it was Jack holding a sword.

I had it for years before the arm with the sword fell off.  Shortly after that, the other arm fell off.  Eventually, both legs vanished and I was left with a head and a torso.  Now the torso has broken off and I am left with a skeleton pirate head.

I liked it and I really wish that I could get another one, but I haven’t been able to find a replacement.  Oh well, I’ll keep the head until the screw holding it in place gets stripped and the head is gone.

Myanmar update

Apparently there are over 100,000 dead and the Myanmar junta is keeping US aid workers from the people. When that part of the world gets back on its feet, I wonder how many people in charge are going to be able to keep their lives after condemning so many others to death.

I am saddened that I live in a world where politics is more important than helping people. It was apparently that way in New Orleans after Katrina, Iran after the earthquake and now in Myanmar after the cyclone.

Just sad, but it makes me wonder how Phuket, Thailand was able to bounce back as well as they did so soon after the tsunami.

Stickam is more trouble than it is worth

Back in October 2007, I mentioned how I was getting email from Stickam (an "All-In-One Multimedia Tool") but I didn’t remember ever signing up with them.  I didn’t say that I didn’t, I just didn’t remembering doing it.

Well for the past two days, I’ve been getting spam that reads:

Its me from stickam. You still down to hook up?
Well, message me on my yahoo name"

The yahoo name is different each time (and bizarrely, so is the name they are sending it to:  derek619, derek4real90, etc.) but the message is always the same.

I still don’t remember signing up for their free service, but I can tell you that even if it is the greatest service under the sun, there’s something about them that seems a little skeevy.